About Us

Welcome To The Tribe.

We are Rebel and Eloise and we Don’t Do Pretty.

We do Powerful. We do Smart. We do Extraordinary.

We have always felt like we were different and thought differently to how society wanted us to think and look. We have always challenged the shell of being a woman, and the social impacts and demands that we be pretty in order to be valued. We wanted to challenge this right back in the face and so Don’t Do Pretty was born.

There is no better place for us to do this but in the fashion industry, notoriously focused on women being pretty. We simply ask people to stop and think – what do they value? Where is their integrity? Don’t Do Pretty promotes women to be recognised for being powerful, smart and extraordinary; not be simplified by just being pretty.

Don’t Do Pretty is more than a fashion label. We are a tribe and community of amazing women who aim to catch excellence. Don’t Do Pretty women are confident and we own our personal style and brand. We are our own hero and we represent the females of this world powerfully. We are women who make powerful choices evoking strong values and ethics. We are women who are willing to stand up for what we believe in to make a difference.

Don’t Do Pretty Women Eat Problems For Breakfast!