About Us

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Welcome To The Don't Do Pretty Tribe.

We do Powerful. We do Smart. We do Extraordinary.

Don’t Do Pretty is more than a fashion label. We are a tribe and community of remarkable women who stand to be recognised than just 'pretty'.  We challenge that shell of being a woman, and the social impacts and demands that we be pretty in order to be valued. We are working for all women to be recognised for all the contributions we make in this world.

Don’t Do Pretty is the sassy creation of designer Eloise, and brings something new to the fashion industry - it is all about empowerment, individuality and personal statement.

Don’t Do Pretty isn’t just another fashion label. We want women to feel powerful and smart when they’re wearing our clothes. 

This philosophy plays out in every element of Don’t Do Pretty. From the way we manufacture our clothing to the values behind our marketing and sales.

Eloise is very vocal about her commitment to high-quality fashion, 'We don’t want our clothes to be made quickly and thrown away quickly. We don’t follow flash-trends and we don't use low-quality material. Style is about investing in high-quality materials and long-lasting garments, which has personal, community and environmental benefits.'

Don’t Do Pretty women are confident and we own our personal style. We are our own hero and we represent the females of this world powerfully.

Don’t Do Pretty Women Eat Problems For Breakfast!

x Eloise