The Good. The Bad. The Ugly - Fast Fashion

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly - Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion

You may have heard that TopShop in Australia went into voluntary administration. Debts were mounting up and in 2017 they were forced into liquidation. This made us reflect on something we’ve been pondering for a long time: the phenomenon of fast fashion. TopShop is the epitome of fast fashion - straight from catwalk to hanger in a matter of weeks. The items are in stock for a few months and then discarded as the next trends come in. But, if fashion giants like TopShop are going broke - maybe fast fashion itself is dying.

What is Fast Fashion?

Fast Fashion is the result of our capitalist economy and our consumerist culture. It began in the 1990’s when the fashion industry became a flooded market, with retailers constantly dropping their prices to compete for market shares. There is pressure for manufacturers to produce clothing more quickly and for designers to follow catwalk trends as soon as they happen. Fast fashion labels are now releasing more collections each year. This cycle feeds itself, encouraging people to buy more clothes and throw more clothes away.

What are the Impacts?

  • Constant access to new clothing means we don’t value them as much
  • Pressure to follow trends so we buy more than we need - or wear
  • We don't buy for long term; we don't make investments in our clothes 
  • Cheap manufacturing - can enable child labour, poor working conditions and unsustainable methods throughout production processes
  • Fast fashion produces waste
  • Fast fashion does not value high-quality material or creative design

Fashion becomes less about self-expression and more about following the crowd. Fast fashion does not allow people to find unique pieces which empower them - rather forces people to wear whatever the big brands dictate.

What is Slow Fashion?

Silk Skirt - Colour - Color

Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. The term was first coined by Kate Fletcher from the Centre for Sustainable Fashion. The concept focussed on making fashion sustainable in every way. Sustainably sourced materials, sustainably produced items and sustainable styles that will last for years. Slow fashion does not heed to seasons, collections or marketing. It is about empowering people to choose high-quality pieces which fit their personal style and personality. It is about retailers being in relationship with manufacturers and customers. Slow fashion is a way to reduce consumption and value diversity in the fashion industry.

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Our Part

Don't Do Pretty is all about slow fashion. We love being a part of this revolution. We make all our items to be lasting, comfortable and well-loved. We’re a conscious brand, trying our best to make ethical and sustainable choices. We know that fast fashion is easy and appealing. We know it is popular - but is it smart? We’re not here to make your decision for you. However, we are here to be an alternative choice.

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