From morning to night. Work to evening drinks.

From morning to night. Work to evening drinks.

Our magnificent Brocade Blazer is made of aqua and gold brocade with genuine leather details to the collar and pockets. Finished with a single matte black metal button.

This brocade was made especially for Don't Do Pretty, ensuring it aligns with our waste management values. Only the 100m we ordered was made; no excess or left over material is sitting on a shelf waiting to be used or worse, burnt.

This blazer was designed, and made in Australia. 

We have created this classic blazer in these splendid colours, and here is the gorgeous Esma wearing it in 3 simple ways.

Blazer with leather mini skirt and sneakers

Black is always in style, so we've kept the styling simple with garments you probably already have in you wardrobe.

Styled with a simple leather mini skirt and black merino wool turtle neck (coming soon) the stunning colours of the blazer take precedence and shine as the statement of your outfit.

Worn here with casual sneakers, to keep up with the activities our days require.

Blazer and Leather skirt with Nike Outfit

Brocade Blazer and Leather Mini Skirt


A simple change of shoes and you're ready for the office.

Blazer with heels

Model wears blazer with leather mini skirt

This Blazer will also work with so many other staples in your wardrobe, such as black jeans or for as stylish winter look, black stockings and knee high boots.

And as the evening falls....

Transform into the night with a change to black silk pants, an elegant belt and your favourite heels.

Blazer with Black Silk PantsBlazer with Black Silk Pants and HeelsBlazer with Black Silk Pants and HeelsModel wears Blazer with Black Silk Pants

We love this blazer and know that it can bring a stunning new vibrancy to your wardrobe staples.

Model @esmavoloder

Campaign Director Melbourne My Style @melbournemystyle

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