The Low Down on Leather

The Low Down on Leather

With the drop of our Australian made leather we thought we should talk about Leather to help you make powerful choices in the items that you choose to buy.

Leather has always been a popular textile especially in the fashion industry.

From the animal hides used by early humans to a classic leather skirt and stylish timeless jackets - leather is a lasting icon of style. Don't Do Pretty loves leather. We love its versatility and striking look. We use 100% ethically sourced Genuine Leather in our production. Why - when faux leather is so much more affordable and considered less controversial, why would we use real leather?  


Leather Jacket - ethical leather

Well, we’ve done our research and we believe we’re making the most ethical choices we can. But, don't take our word for it - we want you to make your own decisions about what you wear, what you buy and why. These decisions shouldn’t be influenced by marketing, misconceptions or politics. They should be influenced by education and personal preference.

Faux Leather

There are a number of benefits to using man-made leather. Primarily, it avoids using animal products; this is often considered to be the ethical choice for many. It is also an affordable alternative which is growing in popularity in both designer and high-street fashion.


  • Fake leather is much cheaper than the real deal
  • There are a wide variety of colours available
  • Fake leather is malleable, making it easy to sew


  • Faux leather doesn’t last
  • Like all polyester products, fake leather is a petroleum based product, making it detrimental to the environment to produce (and waste management processes)
  • It's petroleum based and doesn't break down; it isn't a sustainable product
  • Because it is inexpensive, people often throw it away contributing to the waste problems of fast fashion

Real Leather

Ever since humans began wearing clothes, animal hides have provided a source of warmth. Leather is still a practical choice for garments and high-quality leather is both long lasting and a statement of style.

Leather Bustier - ethical leather



  • Real leather lasts. (One of our leather skirts may last a hundred years - imagine your great granddaughter wearing your beloved Don't Do Pretty leather skirt!)
  • Less people throw out real leather - it is usually kept for decades, handed down or given to charity shops for the next owner; minimising waste
  • Leather retains warmth and is water-resistant, making it long lasting
  • Quality leather wears over time, developing individual characteristics as it is worn
  • Sourced from the right suppliers, waste management processes are in place to mitigate environmental impacts (such as toxins in water ways) during tanning.


  • Leather uses animals which is a controversial source
  • Genuine leather is more expensive
  • Real leather can be heavy which does make it warm and not practical for all environments and seasons

Leather skirt - ethical leather

Leather is a foundational textile in the fashion industry. Warm, practical and beautiful - at Don't Do Pretty we love our leather skirts and jackets. We choose to use genuine leather because we believe that prioritising sustainable and high-quality material is the most ethical decision for us.

Buy Less, Make it Last.

But, we hold higher the value and freedom of choice. We want you to make your own decision about the textiles you purchase. Educate yourself and decide what is right for you.


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