Editorial in Elegant Magazine

Editorial in Elegant Magazine

Editorial for Elegant Magazine 

Gathered together by the super talented photographer Claudia Fischer Don't Do Pretty teamed up with the forever awesome Kalou Models for a fun and creative photo shoot - that made its way to Elegant Magazine.

We spent the afternoon at iconic Adelaide locations, including the Central Markets anPublishers Hotel, where we were welcomed with open arms. Shout Out to them - they were all super supportive to the creativity happening on the streets of Adelaide. 


Fashion and Style Photo Shoot




Metallic Silver and Leather Skirt




Silk Maxi Skirt Styled with Sass


We love Collaborations and the opportunity to work with new people, returning people and get our hands in on the creative.  

We can totally recommend any one of the team players on this shoot to be professional, to have fun and enjoy the creative process to produce exceptional results.

Big Up and Big Thanks! 


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