Don't Do Pretty Rocks the Runway at Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival

More Than a Fashion Label

Don't Do Pretty hit the runway last month to launch Collection 2.0 - and it was Ah-mazing! The Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival opened its doors and our Girl Squad represented with sass and confidence.

We have always felt like we were different and thought differently to how society wanted us to think and look. We have always challenged the shell of being a woman, and the social impacts and demands that we be 'pretty' in order to be valued. We wanted to challenge this right back in the face and our Girl Squad brought their inner self to the runway!

Don’t Do Pretty is more than a fashion label. We are a tribe and community of remarkable women who aim to catch excellence.  We make powerful choices and evoke strong values and ethics. We are willing to stand up for what we believe in to make a difference.  


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