Don't Do Pretty at London Fashion Week

We had already been working towards our journey to London by reaching out to our UK contacts. We had featured in Vogue UK, Glamour UK and House of Coco, UK and made the powerful choice to take the leap of faith and take on PURE London.

Our intention with attending London Fashion Week was to get a taste and insights of what the international fashion market was all about. Last minute, days before we set off, we received an invitation to show our collection at PURE London, the biggest Fashion Trade Lounge of London Fashion Week. And Yes, we accepted.Rina wears The New Syndicate top and Kill Them With Confidence skirt

It was thanks to our amazing production team who worked endless hours, who ensured we had our samples ready to rock and share with London. To ensure we stood out in London, together with our creative team, we executed an awesome editorial shoot that would be set to get people talking.

A huge shout and thank you to our amazing team: Oz Spiniello our photographer, Mark and his team at ENVE Hair and the Kalou Models crew. Magic was created that day with a purpose and mission for Don’t Do Pretty to hit the UK market with a bang!


Skye wears Diana Prince Bustier and Werte Sister Pants


Rina wears The New Syndicate top and Kill Them With Confidence skirt, Skye wears Ain't Nobodys Business leather jacket, The New Syndicate top and If You Have To Ask leather skirt

We hit the ground running; it was straight to work with the day spent setting up our stall with our amazing posters that captured everyone's eye.  Back the following morning, the venue filled quickly as soon as the doors opened. Buyers watched us with interest and talked with us about Don’t Do Pretty.  They loved, and indeed were inspired by our brand, and what we stand for.  We were a breath of fresh air. We stood for something, and dared to be different!

PURE London loved our brand and our collection and we have been invited back to the trade show and also the runway! They expressed to us that Don’t Do Pretty is a brand that they wanted everyone to see and know about!

To have the opportunity to talk to hundreds of people about Don’t Do Pretty was empowering and invaluable exposure.

Rina wears Let's Get Carried Away silver bomber jacket, The New Syndicate top in silver leather and End Up Somewhere in Mexico silver shorts

Skye wears Diana Prince silver leather bustier and Dressed To Empress silk-sequin skirt

Although we were presented with a lot of opportunities, after 4 massive days of networking and promoting our brand, we still didn’t close any sales. With initial disappointment, we quickly picked ourselves up to reflect and learn….
  • To start, this was our first international fashion event. Don’t Do Pretty had only been active in the fashion market for 14 months and we have only released 2 smaller collections. The purpose of our journey was to gain insights and learn how the fashion industry operates on an international scale whilst also getting exposure, which, is exactly what we achieved. Thousands more people now know of Don’t Do Pretty and what we stand for- Do Powerful. Do Smart. Do Extraordinary.
  • By interacting with buyers, we learnt that they rarely buy from designers at their first show. It is a tough industry and too many labels don’t last long so buyers watch to see if you are serious sustainable label. We did meet with some potential buyers however they did not fit our values and ethics and we refuse to bend on our integrity as a brand for sales.
  • We also recognised that Don’t Do Pretty as a brand, is bold and different to many other safer labels available. With so much fast fashion out there consumers are more conservative and use to lower price points. Changing this mindset and educating consumers is so important but will also take time.

The people we interacted with and the feedback we received over the 4 days was only positive and encouraging which reinforced that we have an amazing and powerful brand that has every bit of potential to be successful.

We have been back a month now and again we have hit the ground running! We have spent time reflecting, following up and re-evaluating our goals and strategies for the year ahead. Our focus is around closing the gaps with our production process and options to sell directly to our tribe so to ensure the integrity of Don’t Do Pretty is not lost in the retail space.

We most certainly haven’t picked the easy road of fast fashion. By choosing ethics and values that challenge current fashion industry standards means we have to work harder and still have a long way to go.

Don’t Do Pretty is more than a fashion label.  We are creating a powerful movement – of women who own their smart and extraordinary and want to make a difference to the future.  This is not a movement we can do alone. It has and will take the best team of men and women in supporting us to make this happen.

We thank you for being our inspiration and reminding us of our why.  Why we want to make a difference, and why we need to make a difference. The support from each and every one of you who believes in Don’t Do Pretty and its values gives this movement its future.

Together, we can all make a difference and continue to show the world how ordinary people make extraordinary things happen.


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