Dancing Spirit by Colleen Wallace

Dancing Spirit by Colleen Wallace

Don’t Do Pretty is an Australian-born women’s fashion label. Actually we are more than a fashion label – we are a tribe of powerful women who wear confidence and inspire empowerment.

Australia has a deep, rich and creative indigenous culture, which we want to celebrate with the world.

"Dancing Spirit" is a bespoke design used on a number of pieces in our collection which shares the stories told by Colleen Wallace, about her Dreamtime Sisters, called Irrernte-arenye.

Dancing Spirit Halterneck top with leather

Dancing Spirit Bomber Jacket Outfit

Whilst Colleen paints she will often sing the song lines associated with the Irrernte-arenye. This allows her to feel connected to her country, even when she is not physically there.

“My country is called Arnumarra, that is my grandfather’s country. In my painting, the dreamtime sisters are a group of spirits that look after the land and also their role is to guard special areas such as sacred sites and protect the land.”

– Colleen Wallace

A self-taught artist who comes from a strong family tradition of Eastern Arrernte painters, Colleen Wallace was born in 1973 and is from Santa Teresa Community, approximately 50 miles from Alice Springs in Central Australia, Northern Territory. She was raised by Kathleen Wallace and her husband Douglas. Although Colleen is not Kathleen’s biological daughter, Kathleen is referred to as her mother and cared and supported her whilst she was growing up. This is quite common in Aboriginal culture, with aunts and grandmothers being referred to as "mother" and playing significant care giving roles of young children.
Colleen is well known from her precise dot work and use of vibrant colours. Look carefully at Colleen's artwork and you can identify the Dancing Spirits, the Dreamtime Sisters who are the good spirits dancing the Awelye (women’s ceremony) and looking after Colleen’s country.

Dancing Spirit Cotton Pants and Leather Bustier
Dancing Spirit Bomber Jacket with Leather


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